AAPAN Webinar Series

Changing times in our industry create the need for each of us to rise above and go beyond the challenges to find opportunity. AAPPO’s webinar program is a great place to start! Leading change can be difficult and finding the tools that provide new ideas and strategies can even be more challenging.  AAPPO’s focus is to provide you with the tools that can evoke new concepts to meet your business needs within the evolving landscape of our industry. 

November 10
1 pm ET

2016 Presidential and Congressional Election Review and What to Expect in 2017
After an unexpected and unpredictable presidential election, a new administration and congress will settle in to work on may serious issues like a Supreme Court Justice, the future of the ACA, tax reform, possible budget reconciliation and the basic functions of staffing a new government.  All the while, spending much of November and December working thru a lame duck session of congress to fund the budget and other left over issues like tax extenders.  We’ll walk thru the new key players and top issues Congress is likely to battle in 2017.